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原本不打算把它当作一回事,以免小题大作。 可是我似乎已无法容忍了。


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just want to give a huge shout out to everyone who's wished me good luck, calmed me down, helped me in a way or other, God for the chance/opportunity for everything, classes i took to learn how to pitch myself:


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is it me or am i taking on too much commitments? 

school, intern, external leisure class? language? job search?

zero social time.

belated 'thank you, 2011' post

this entry has been late but, all the same,
i thank 2011 for all the wake up calls in life.

the only reason i dread cny, is because i've spent two cny (the exact 初二 night) in the hospital shivering in the cold cos we rushed to A&E in our pajamas, just hoping to hear everything's alright. but of course, it isn't that simple. yet, im glad everything has peacefully settled down and dad's home with us not too long after. thank you God for keeping my family together for yet another year. :')

i also thank 2011 because it was one of the most gruelling two semesters, because i had so many times, stopped believing in myself. be it in studies or in job search, i could not stop doubting myself. with all that job experiences i have, set back by the lousy results i have achieved thus far, i didn't know where i will end up, whether i would actually end up somewhere. but i've come to realise that life itself, is full of unknowns since the beginning. i just have to trust myself, trust the whole system and trust that He will guide me somewhere. Through little things in life, i'm beginning to see some sort of light at the end of the tunnel. and i'm very glad for that. so thank you God, again.

of course, i also thank 2011 for all the friendships in life. for forgiveness and for love. despite the clashes in schedules and meet ups, i have friends who have not penalised me on that fact thus far. i have also met up with old friends through the whole of december, some of whom i've known for at least 5 years and not kept in contact much but getting together and feeling like nothing has changed. the feeling is indescribable. not fogetting the fact that in 2011, i've met so many new people in school and at work, that i've become close to a handful of them and im incredibly thankful for that. so thank You :)

thank you once again, for letting rey and i last through the 6 months of his exchange program though tiffs and fights were inevitable. but thank you for giving me and us the strength, for letting us tide through that and the other obstacles we have met and will meet in life.

2011, i also took up my first 3rd language course with a good friend. and i loved it, and that sparked my interest to take on more languages from now on. thank you for blessing me with the time and financial ability to do so, and also for doing well in it :)

2011, i also took up my first technical attachment and met one of the best mentors i could ever meet, as well as, the best batch of interns in astar. :) we've gone out for lunches/dinners and even batam. and im so glad they were the ones i met and did a project module together with. i can never thank You enough for letting me meet them and getting close to this new group of friends in NUS. i would never have been able to meet a new batch of friends if not for this unexpected internship which came along after a rejection from one of my dream companies. so THANK YOU SO MUCH.

2011 wasn't easy, but i've conquered it.
somehow, every year is a battle for me. (and maybe for many other people as well.)
but i still thank You for everything.

because everything happens for a reason.
so smile, no matter how hard its going to be.

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have yet to set aside my resolutions for 2012.
but i'll do so on 15th jan.

did i mention,
one of them is to stop procrastinating?